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Buy Pokemon trading cards online

You ‘gotta catch em all’ Pokemon trading cards and become the best Pokemon card master you can be. We have hundreds of Pokemon trading cards for sale to add to your ever-growing collection. If that’s not enough to get you excited, at Comic Alert and Collectables, we offer the latest cards in these product lines at very competitive prices. Choose from a large selection of Singles, Lots & Bundles and Booster Boxes, with more cards being added regularly. Just be sure to check our website for updated product information. Are you keen to get in early and secure a good buy? We also offer pre-sale orders for up and coming Booster Boxes so you can receive your goods personally on the day they are released. You must be in it to win it!


New Pokemon trading cards

You can find the latest Pokemon trading cards for sale right here. Venture through the maze of the Cerulean Cave to see which Pokemon you can catch and then snap up their trading card via our online store. To complement your prized catch, we stock a range of Trading Card Game Accessories including Tournament Card Sleeves in many different sizes and colours - keeping your collection in top quality condition. Choose from a range of protective sleeve/bag solutions for your Pokemon buddies including Ultra Pro Binders, Ultra Pro Card Sleeves, Soft Card Sleeves and a UV One- Touch Magnetic Holder. With a range of styles available, you can be certain your cards will be well protected and looked after.


We currently have the rare MEWTWO GX in stock with a 10 PSA grading – from the Sun and Moon SHINING LEGENDS collection. Featuring sharp corners, full gloss and in absolute mint condition, you ‘gotta catch it’ while stock lasts. In the near future, we’ll also be offering a PSA Card submission service. Stay tuned for more details. Enjoy the many worlds the Pokemon series is renowned for such as scenic rides, beautiful tropical islands, expansive oceans, lush forests and new cities. It’s alive with possibilities.

We welcome any feedback, comments or questions that you have. Be sure to check in regularly and buy the latest Pokemon trading cards available online.