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Superman vs. Captain Marvel. Who will be victorious?


We do love a theoretical punch up between superheroes here at Comic Alert and Collectibles – especially when it involves two characters as ridiculously OP as Superman and Captain Marvel.


Now before we go anywhere, we are going to be using the MCU's version of Captain Marvel as our contender in the red corner for this article, as she fuses various elements from the many comic incarnations of her character.


Supes, well we are going with regular old Superman from the comics and the DC movies in the blue corner – ignoring all variants and offshoots.



Superman’s strengths and weaknesses


Well the list of strengths is huge. Super strength, bullet proof, laser vision, x-ray vision, flight – Superman has it all. Of course, he turns into a meowing kitty cat at the sight of kryptonite, which is a bit of a problem if Captain Marvel can get her hands on some.


Morality could be an issue for Superman as well. Toss a bus full of people over a cliff and he will turn tail and make that the priority. But Captain Marvel is unlikely to do that as she is no villain.



Captain Marvel’s strengths and weaknesses


We have to theorise a bit here, as the true extent of her powers are likely to be revealed in Avengers: Endgame. We know that she can shoot photons out of her arms, that she is super strong and that she can take a punch. A Superman-sized punch? Maybe not.


But Captain Marvel is something else when she absorbs enormous volumes of energy – she goes into Binary mode. In this form she can fly and is basically an exploding sun of energy. Tough to contain that.



How Superman wins


Patience. If Captain Marvel goes Binary, he has to take his blows and protect human life around them. She will knock him around, but never really injure him. Wait for Binary mode to wear off, subdue her and the fight is done.



How Captain Marvel wins


Through an obscure method. If Captain Marvel can indeed access the Quantum Realm, then she has the ability to travel through time and space.


Indeed, she could travel back to a time when Krypton was exploding. She could murder Superman as a child, but that would be cruel. Instead, we say she can soak up all the beautiful Krypton radiation from the explosion.


That would allow her to slip back through the Quantum Realm with all the power of a dying planet, power that is Superman’s, erm, kryptonite.


In this instance, she could obliterate him.



The verdict


There are a lot of what ifs in Captain Marvel’s scenario. How would she know

the exact time and location to pinpoint Krypton as it exploded? Would the power of an exploding planet turn her Binary? Or kill her?


A patient Superman would likely still win in this instance anyway. He is too OP and too good for Captain Marvel.


Superman wins.