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The perfect Marvel vs DC Scenario: Spider-Man or Batman? Who will win?


Of all the characters in the comic superhero universe, they're arguably the most popular. One's a mysterious billionaire orphan who uses his riches to fight criminal geniuses with a whole truckload of lethal toys. The other's a high-school nerd whose curiosity was rewarded by a bite from an ornery science experiment and now uses his arachnid powers for good and the all-American way. This is definately a a Marvel vs. DC showdown to look forward to!


Of course, I’m talking about DC’s Batman and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Part of their universal appeal is because they’re more relatable to the average Joe: they both start out as your run of the mill human until fate conspires to make them extraordinary (no Krypton-loving, invincible aliens here).


And, instead of leaning to the dark side, their natural sense of decency lets them overcome the power that absolutely corrupts mere-mortals like The Joker and The Green Goblin and use their super abilities for good, not evil. It’s like Uncle Ben says. “With great power comes great responsibility,” and these guys are nothing if not responsible. That’s why we love ‘em.


But – and now we get to the ultimate question on the tip of everyone’s tongue – in an unpremeditated fight to the death, no holds barred, who’s gonna win outright between The Dark Knight and Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey?


Let’s get one thing out of the way: the word ‘unpremeditated’ is key here. We’re allowing no time for these guys to plan ahead. Batman does not get to build a brand new gadget that renders Spidey’s webs inert. Spider-Man does not have hours to map out his approach in advance.


But they do have their usual kit – grappling hook, gas masks, boomerangs, the Batmobile (and perhaps Alfred on the sidelines) for the Dark dude, plus his martial arts skills, strength and intellect. And Boy Parker has his usual tingling Spidey senses, web shooters, sticky feet and hands, gravity-defying feats of acrobatic agility and snarky comebacks.


Now while Batman is undoubtedly the more accomplished fighter which would give him the edge in hand to hand combat, Spider-Man is stronger – he’s got actual superpowers. He's faster, and those webs can blind or trap an enemy in an instant. And that might mean it doesn't even come down to close quarter fighting – Spidey might be able to dodge and switch, wrapping the Dark Knight up in a silk cocoon before he can even lift a finger. So perhaps Spider-Man is victorious.


But wait. Maybe Batman gets a chance to brandish one of his fiendishly clever utility-belt gadgets – an electrically-charged glove or an exploding Batarang perhaps? In that case, it's conceivable he could stun the web crawler into submission, rendering him powerless to resist the dominance of the Bat.


And yet, don’t forget that Spidey sense. It’s the equaliser in this fight, really. Chances are the tell-tale tingle would warn Spider-Man that Batman had something up his proverbial sleeve. Just as the Bat reaches for his secret weapon, Spidey steps aside faster than the eye can perceive, shoots a web onto the wall behind the guy and swings out of reach. He’s weaving Batman cocoon suit a nanosecond later.

Nope, The Dark Knight is toast. The Spider outclasses him. Shazam, people!